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All of my neighbours have awnings

All of my neighbours have awnings - Herman Garris

I swear, sometimes it feels like I have the only house in Montreal that doesn’t have an awning. I step outside and all I see is awnings in Montreal, no matter which way I look. I don’t know what prompted practically everyone on my street to have their patios done at the same time, but it is a little bit weird to tell the truth. Was there a memo that went around telling everybody else that it was National Montreal Awnings Day and I didn’t get it or something?

I’ve spoken to a couple of my neighbours about this and it just turns out that one person had it done, which led to one other person asking about it and copying them. It just seemed to spiral from there until there were so many awning Montreal that my head gets dizzy from all of the colours.

Ok, so I’m being just a touch dramatic and in all fairness all of the awnings in Montreal have given the street something of a unique flavour. I don’t think there are any other streets that I’ve been where the houses look like shop fronts from top to bottom, except mine of course.

Now I find my position of mulling over whether or not to have one installed myself. I’ve never been one for following the crowd at the best of times and this is one of the oddest trends I’ve ever been privy to, but at the same time my house does really look a little bit out of place now that everybody has had it done.

I’m currently weighing up the pros and cons of the whole situation and doing a little bit of preliminary research about the awnings. From what I can tell the cost won’t be particularly prohibitive, but it will require me to be there for someone to come and install the thing, plus I don’t even have a great patio for it to hang over so it really will just look like I’m trying to keep up with the neighbours if I do it.

My instinct is to remain the only house on the street without one, at least for now. I’m a little curious to see if everyone will be keeping theirs and what they will do when the winter kicks in first. After that, I’ll make a decision after speaking to a few of the neighbours first of course.


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