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My Little Brother's Accident

My Little Brother's Accident  - Herman Garris

It was Sunday and I usually sleep till afternoon on weekends. Just like all other weekends, that Sunday, I was also enjoying my deep slumber when suddenly my cell phone rang. I checked out the number and it was my father. 

My father usually doesn't call me in the mornings, so I became worried to see his number on my phone. Anyhow, my worries became my worst nightmare when my father told me that my little brother had an accident and is in critical condition. I felt like there was no ground beneath my feet and I couldn't utter a word that time. I tried to give confidence to my own self and I rushed towards the bus station and bought a ticket to my hometown. All the way I was praying for my brother and was remembering the amazing childhood and teenage we spend together in my parent's home. 

It became hard to control my tears coming out of my eyes and that journey was the hardest journey in my lifetime. As soon as the bus arrived at the bus stop, I quickly rushed towards the hospital. As I entered the hospital, I could see my whole family standing and praying in the corridor of the Operation Theatre. I hugged my father and asked him about the details. He was not in a position of telling me the whole story so he directed me towards my cousin. I went to the cousin and asked him about the accident. 

My cousin told me that my little bro was out to bring some grocery from the nearby departmental store, when a drunk driver hit his car in high speed. The drunk driver died on the spot while my little brother received injuries on head and chest. I was shocked to hear how careless someone could be by driving in drunken condition and that, even in the morning. Anyhow, we all kept waiting in the corridor for the doctors to come up with some good news. After few hours, the doctor came out of the OP and were looking satisfied. We hold our breaths and asked him about the condition of my little brother. 

The doctor told us to relax and to thank the God for saving the life of my brother, as he was out of danger now. The doctor said that it was the will of the God and then the vehicule restraint system that saved my brother life. His statement gave a vibe of strength and peace in our bodies.


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