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What exactly is mold?

What exactly is mold? - Herman Garris

As a person who has worked in mold removal Montreal for the better part of 30 years, I have seen all kinds of issues that people have. Mold can be a big problem for sure, and it can become that big problem in a very short amount of time.

When people have a problem with mold they frequently wonder what exactly is it. They see it on fruit or bread all the time, but wonder what’s this pesky and fuzzy looking thing that is not only dangerous but it seems to be everywhere.

Well, mold is a kind of fungus. That means it is in the same classification of living organisms as yeast and athlete’s foot. Many kinds of mold can be quite harmful to you, but there are many that are actually useful. Some are actually used to help produce food, while others are used to make such things as antibiotics, like penicillin, and others are used as enzymes to break down biodegradable materials. This tells us that there are some useful purposes for mold.

However, the molds that grow in your business or home are not these kinds of molds. These kinds of molds contain what are referred to as mycotoxins, which are pathogens. This means that they are harmful to human beings if they are ingested, and some can even be dangerous if they are breathed in.

There is also the problem that some people are severely allergic to molds. For those people, even a small amount can be a serious problem for them.

There are literally thousands of different species of molds out there that scientists know about. Molds are able to live in some of the most extreme environments on earth, meaning there are those that live in volcanoes, some that live near the depths of the ocean, and some that thrive in the Arctic Circle.

These organisms are very adaptable. Because they are so simple in their makeup, not much is needed for them to be able to adapt to tumultuous changes in their environment. This is what has made it possible for them to live in such extreme conditions.

Of course, not all molds are bad. If we did not have these we could not have bread rise the way it does or have beer brew properly. There are clearly benefits to it; you just don’t want it growing on the walls of your home.


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