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When You Badly Need an Asphalt Contractor in Edmonton

When You Badly Need an Asphalt Contractor in Edmonton - Herman Garris

The parking lot at our firm needed re-sealing. It was in really bad shape and the sooner it got repaired the better; for our clients were starting to complain about its state. My boss had to look for a solution quickly. Being the one in charge of communications, he ordered me to look up an asphalt contractors Edmonton who would repair the parking lot in as little time as possible.

I scraped the directory and the internet. Finally, I landed on a certain contractor with whom we agreed on terms and fees.

The following day the contractor sent down a team which started working on the parking lot. It was not an easy task but this team of seven men worked hard to achieve results. When my boss came down from his office after the team had left, only the expression of pleasant disbelief was on his face.

My boss asked me to keep the contractor’s contacts safe and even emailed them to thank them for the exceptional work they had done on our firm’s parking lot. The parking lot is very presentable now and we receive nothing but compliments from our clients about the great work the asphalt contractor in Edmonton did.


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